Block game Nikitin N10 Matrici

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Block game Nikitin N10 Matrici

Blocks Nikitin N9 Creativo

Matrici is an excellent concentration training. Combination and thinking ability are developed during play.

Matrici consists of 12 games. Each game consists of a game field with 16 solution cards each from solid cardboard.

This is how it works: the examples on the upper and left rows (for example characters and numbers) must be combined with each other. The player searches for the card with the correct solution and places it in the relevant field.

But it becomes exciting when several children play. The cards with the solution are then upside down next to the game board. The two dice determine the desired solution card. Who first finds the right answer and can put that card in the right field?

Theme of the game:
Size, length, order, color, shape, number, sums, positions ..... .

Consists of:
12 Playfields (about 26 x 26 cm)
192 Solution cards (about 4.5 x 4.5 cm)
2 wooden dice
1 Manual (8 Pages - German)

The Nikitin games are used in Montessori schools, among other things


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