Kidkraft wooden toys

Kidkraft wooden toys

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Kidkraft is the brand for all the unique and creative wooden toys and children's furniture of high quality. Kidkraft sees each child as an individual with an unlimited ability to create and explore. With the large range of wooden toys, the US brand provides for the needs of each child. Kidkraft works every day on innovations and guarantees customer satisfaction. If you choose Kidkraft, then choose:

 - Durability

- High quality

- Toy Safety Standard guarantee

- 40+ years experience

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Kidkraft wooden kitchens

Kidkraft offers a wide choice of wood kitchens. The known models of toy kitchens include Vintage kitchen, Prairie Kitchen, Uptown Espresso Kitchen, Modern Country Kitchen. If you are looking for a wooden toy kitchen or children's kitchen, then you are  certainly to look the Kidkraft toy brand.

100% safe playsets

The wooden play kitchens by Kidkraft its all-in-one playsets for children who want to have a nice cooking. The matching kitchen accessories of Kidkraft make the play kitchens complete. Of course they have also thought about the safety of the children. All Kidkraft play kitchens are 100% child safe. They all conform to EN71 Toy Safety Standard.

 KidKraft kitchens or play kitchens are characterized by parents and schools as the best kitchen playsets on the market. The Kidkraft kitchens are designed for children size. Each play kitchen is made of quality wood. If a part is damaged or is lost, you can always buy that item.

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Kidkraft wooden dollhouse

Kidkraft dollhouses are very popular with children. Not only because the wooden doll houses each represent a unique game world, but also because they are so surprisingly complete. Furniture pieces are often included by default, so that children can play with right away. All wooden dollhouses are very colorful and elaborated in details. View popular models My Dream Villa, Majestic Mansion Dollhouse or Doll Mall. Most Kidkraft dollhouses were made for Barbie size dolls. The materials and paints, of course, are non-toxic. Actually, there is no better and more beautiful gift than a Kidkraft dollhouse for your child.

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Other Kidkraft collection

Besides the wooden kitchens and dollhouses Kidkraft also offers other kinds of toys. Check out:

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