Chewigem Bite Chain Marine Skulls

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Chewigem Bite Chain Marine Skulls

Chewigem bite chain marine Skulls

The Chewigem Skulls for children with stimulation processing problems, ADHD or autism

The Skulls are tough chew jewelry in the shape of a skull. One side of the skull is smooth and the other side is equipped with small studs to provide extra assistance to sensory-oral stimuli.

Children with stimulus processing problems often have difficulty arranging all the information that comes in through the different senses. This allows them to be flooded by everything that happens around them. To shut themselves off from other incentives, they tend to chew on something.

This can be to stay focused or to get rid of stress (for example, eat, chew a pen, chew clothing or jewelry, bite nails). Chewing has a calming effect and helps them to focus better.

Category: light-average chew requirement

  • Washable (even in the dishwasher, not the chain itself)
  • With safety clasp (clasp not to chew on)


  • Size L5 x B4.3 X H0.8 cm
  • Material safe non-toxic silicone (without BPA, PVC, lead, latex or phthalate)
  • Age not suitable for children <3 years (because of the risk of suffocation)
  • Including cord, which can be adjusted in length
  • Certification approved according to EN71 standards

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