Gonge Robo Board

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Gonge Robo Board

Gonge Robo Board

An ideal board for movement therapy, combining play and training of motor skills

When a child / adult moves its weight from one side to the other, the Robo-Board moves smoothly. It can even make a circular motion of up to 360 degrees!

With the Robo Board you practice dynamic balance and weight distribution. It also helps to improve body awareness, quality of movement and muscle coordination, sense of rhythm and power distribution in the legs.

The Robo Board has 8 wheels. The wheels are positioned so that the Robo-Board can turn when the weight is positioned on one side on 4 wheels. The Robo-Board blocks rotation when the weight in the middle is centered on the middle 4 wheels.

The experienced user can play, dance and perform all sorts of tricks with the Robo-Board. The Robo-Board has a cool design and offers many fun challenges and is inspiring for all ages.


  • Size L50 x W16.5 x H8.5 cm
  • Colors blue
  • Age from 4 years old

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