Kickback Omni-Trainer - EXIT (


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Kickback Omni-Trainer - EXIT (

Kickback Omni-Trainer - EXIT (

The Kickback Omni-Trainer from EXIT ( & nbsp; is your unique training partner and the perfect training attribute to practice and improve your skills of different ball sports! & nbsp; The Kickback Omni - & shy; Trainer is beautifully designed and very robust. The metal is galvanized and then powder coated black / green. Double protection! The Omni-Trainer stays firmly with the included anchor set. This consists of ground pegs and a sandbag. It can be used on slippery surfaces to prevent slipping.

The Omni-Trainer consists of 2 different sides:

  • Green side:
    • fine mesh net: Shoot or throw the ball against the elastics of the fine-meshed section in the green side for a tight, 'normal' bounce. What is truly unique is that this side of the Omni-Trainer can be set in a perfect angle so that you can bounce the ball super tight, fast and silent! No more banging against the wall; -) & nbsp;
    • Black side = & gt; The black silk has 2 standard supplied:
      • fine-meshed; for a tight, 'normal' bounce & nbsp;
      • coarse-meshed; for an unexpected bounce. This way you can perfectly train your reaction capacity.

        Take up the challenge and use the black side with its coarse mesh just for an unexpected bounce. & nbsp;
        Practice your goalkeeper's skills or place the Omni-Trainer next to the goal and fuller and shoot the rebounding ball full on goal! This makes it an article that is not only fun for the garden, but also for the sports club! & Nbsp;

        Because of the 2 different sides (green and black) that are also easily adjustable in different angles. For example, the Omni-Trainer is suitable for all kinds of training sessions: & nbsp;

        • Football (fit, shoot, take, post, head) & nbsp;
        • Goalkeeping training (unexpected bounze - training responsiveness, shooting, catching etc) & nbsp;
        • Volleyball (hit, receive, pass) & nbsp;
        • Handball (throwing, catching, goalkeeping) & nbsp;
        • Water polo (throwing, catching, goalkeeping) & nbsp;
        • Tchouckball & nbsp;

          Features and benefits of this Kickback Omni-Trainer from EXIT (

          • This Kickback Omni-Trainer & nbsp; consists of:
            • 2 panels
            • 3 different nets
            • Anchor set consisting of:
              • ground pegs
              • sandbag
              • With beautiful black / green colors and a child-friendly design (the colors shown may differ from reality)
              • Stimulates different developments, such as:
                • fine and gross motor skills
                • the development of the learning ability
                • the solution-oriented thinking ability
                • the development of adaptability
                • the patience and empathy
                • the development of the hand-eye-foot co-ordination
                • Age advice: 3+ years
                • Smart, simple and sturdy construction
                • Packed with step-by-step instructions to build this Kickback Omni-Trainer & nbsp; / span>
                • Dimensions: 123 x 120 x 114 cm (L x W x H)
                  • Dimensions of green silk: & nbsp; 71 cm x 112 cm & nbsp;
                  • Black silk dimensions: & nbsp; & nbsp; 119 cm x 130 cm & nbsp;
                  • Package dimensions: 79.5 x 115.5 x 11.5 cm (L x W x H)
                  • Material: & nbsp; galvanized and & nbsp; powder coated metal, elastic and & nbsp;
                  • Weight: 16.6 Kg
                  • Item number: & nbsp;
                  • EAN code: & nbsp; 8717703020458

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