Klein Goes Bio Lawnmower With Grass-basket

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Klein Goes Bio Lawnmower With Grass-basket

Made of biodegradable plastic, also known as bioplastic. Bioplastic is a type of plastic made entirely or partly from natural and renewable resources, such as plant material, rather than petroleum-based plastic, which means it can be broken down by micro-organisms over time and is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic.

The toy lawnmower with grass catcher is designed for children to imitate and play as if they were mowing the lawn, just like adults do with real lawnmowers. These toy lawnmowers are usually small, lightweight and have no sharp blades, making them safe for children to play with.

The toy lawnmower is designed with children's safety in mind and usually has no moving blades or dangerous parts.

This beautiful lawnmower is manufactured in Germany.

The lawnmower is suitable for children from 18 months.

The lawnmower makes a starting sound.

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Brand Klein
Age 18+ months
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