Modern-Day Play Kitchen - Kidkraft (53423)

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Modern-Day Play Kitchen - Kidkraft (53423)

Modern-Day Play Kitchen - Kidkraft (53423)

Let the creativity run wild and create fun memories for young chefs by playing with the Modern-Day Play Kitchen by Kidkraft (53423). With a stylish modern design, this stylish Modern-Day Play Kitchen by Kidkraft (53423) ensures that your little one is completely immersed in an imaginative game. Children will love to learn how to decorate the kitchen. Young chefs will be enthusiastic if they discover that the buttons can click on the gas hob and on the transparent oven door. With a trendy rail with hooks to hang the included spoon and spatula, and a modern design that parents will love, the Modern-Day Play Kitchen by Kidkraft (53423) will transform any playroom into a five-star venue!

Features and benefits of this Modern-Day Play Kitchen by Kidkraft (53423):

  • This Modern-Day Play Kitchen by Kidkraft (53423) consists of:
    • Spoon and spatula that you can hang on the trendy rail with hooks
    • Modern design with sleek wooden details and marble-inspired counter tops.
    • Central fridge with French doors and separate freezer
    • The buttons click and rotate
    • Two-burner stove with authentic details
    • Transparent oven doors
    • Tap buttons with labels for hot and cold
    • Two separate workplaces to accommodate several children
    • Extensive storage space under the sink
    • Easy EZ Kraft Assembly ™ for quick assembly
  • Our Modern-Day Play Kitchen by Kidkraft (53423) has nice neutral colors and a child-friendly design (the colors shown may differ from reality)
  • Stimulates various developments such as:
    • the fine and gross motor skills
    • the development of learning ability
    • the solution-oriented thinking ability
    • the social and emotional development
    • the development of adaptability
    • the patience and empathy
    • the development of hand-eye coordination
  • Age advice: 3+
  • Smart, simple and sturdy construction
  • Dimensions: 100.33 x 34.29 x 101.09 cm
    • Package dimensions: 107.95 x 37.08 x 17.02 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Article number: 53423
  • EAN Code: 0706943534236





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