Playhouse Baloo - AXI (A030.218.00)

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Playhouse Baloo - AXI (A030.218.00)

Playhouse Baloo - AXI (A030.218.00)

Children will have a lot of fun with Playhouse Baloo from AXI (A030.218.00) they can climb, play and quickly slide down with the slide. Inside the cottage there is enough space for a nice picnic with friends. The Playhouse Baloo from AXI (A030.218.00) is ideal for children who love climbing and playing. Through the open sides you can look outside from all sides. The children will have fun in this open design playhouse, with enough space to invite all their friends and girlfriends.

Features and benefits of the Playhouse Baloo from AXI (A030.218.00):

  • The Playhouse Baloo of AXI (A030.218.00) consists of:
    • Big staircase
    • Large slide
    • Large open platform
  • Our Playhouse Baloo from AXI (A030.218.00) has beautiful colors and a child-friendly design (the colors shown may differ from reality)
  • Stimulates various developments such as:
    • The development of social skills
    • The development of learning ability
    • Solution-oriented thinking ability
    • The development of adaptability
    • The development of hand-eye coordination
  • Age advice: 2+
  • Smart, sturdy construction
  • Dimensions: 274 x 380 x 212 cm (L x W x H)
    • Height playing platform: 99 cm
  • Material: 100% FSC Wood
  • Weight: 159 kg
  • Article number: A030.218.00
  • EAN Code: 8717973932208

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