Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable - Step2 (874600)

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Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable - Step2 (874600)

Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable - Step2 (874600)

Let's make 'rain' ourself!

Create your own waterfall in your backyard!
Young children can make it rain in the garden or around the house with this Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable from Step2 (874600). With the various included put-and-place labyrinths, they can first make a maze of slopes, a rotating barrel, several buckets and other obstacles. Once it's ready, they can take the water with a big bucket out of the water catcher and then throw it into the waterfall to imitate a beautiful waterfall! The rain shower effect sounds like a real rain!

As the waterfall traverses and as a rain shower finds its way down, young waterballs can watch how the water flows through the created maze slowly through the sides and reaches the water collector. And looking forward to this waterfall? Reorder the put-and-place labyrinths again and again to create new waterfalls for fun

This large, spacious Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable from Step2 (874600) has an open design that several children can play together.

Features and Benefits of this Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable from Step2 (874600):

  • This Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable consists of:
    • A spacious watertable with water catcher and waterfall
    • A wide side edge for additional play area
    • A cast hole in the back, for a umbrella / umbrella
    • A leaf of the lizard, where from play characters can jump into the water
    • 13-piece accessory kit:
      • a duck
      • a frog
      • a fish
      • 1 large bucket
      • 2 small buckets
      • A sieve and a scoop
      • Different 'put-and-place' labyrinths:
        • A large-scale water wheel
        • A water wheel with 2 small wheels
        • 3 waterguns
  • With beautiful bright green, blue, red, yellow and purple colors and a child-friendly design (the colors shown may differ from reality)
  • Stimulates different developments, such as:
    • fine and gross motor skills
    • The development of social skills
    • The development of learning ability
    • The solution-oriented mindset
    • The development of adaptability
    • The patience and empathy
    • The development of hand-eye coordination
  • Age advice: 1.5+ years
  • Slim, simple and sturdy construction
  • Packed with step-by-step instructions to put together this Rain Shower Splash Pond Watertable
  • Dimensions: 99.1 x 61 x 81.3 cm (L x W x H)
    • Dimensions of packaging: 94.6 x 26 x 55.9 cm (L x W x H)
  • Material: Plastic
    • Made in US and imported parts.
  • Weight: 7.9 Kg
  • Article number: 874600
  • EAN code: 0733538874699

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