Sensory Mirror Pebbles - set of 8 - (62458)

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Sensory Mirror Pebbles - set of 8 - (62458)

Sensory Mirror Pebbles - set of 8 - (62458)

This gorgeous collection will engage and enthral children as they build or simply marvel at the reflections in these shiny sensory mirror pebbles.

The smooth surface has a highly polished mirrored surface, while the irregular shape encourages children to try stacking them in towers - see how they wobble!

They are lovely to stack. Children will enjoy trying to get them to balace. (they are designed to be a little bit tricky). Children may really persevere, exploring which shape, surface is best to use.

Try placing the pebbles on different surfaces. Try a Space Blanket, crinkly papers, plastic popper sheets, etc for a multi-sensory approach.

This is a collection of eight different sized Pebbles, measuring from 45mm to 150mm.

Additional Information: Sensory Mirror Pebbles - set of 8 - (62458)

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Age 3+
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