Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center

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Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center

Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center

The Ball Buddies are back and ready to drag toy balls around this Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center kids two-story water table! In addition to the classic Ball Buddies dump truck, this outdoor water play table for kids includes a Ball Buddies helicopter, boat and a train which can transport two play balls at once! The Ball Buddies can't wait to adventure around the river or cruise the curves of molded roads and bridges. With a large surface area, multiple accessories included, and many ways to play, this toddler water table is an excellent option for engaging in multi-child social play. In addition, the individual stations around the pool offer additional options for the little ones who want to play alone. Little adventurers can use the hoops to throw toy balls into the water, and enjoy exciting water play with the water wheel and included scoops. There is even an interactive wheel on the bottom so the little ones can get the water moving to create a flowing river. Get the kids outside for epic adventures with the Ball Buddies and this large water table!

Bullet Points Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center:

  • Includes four Ball Buddies characters to transport even more a train, boat, dump truck and helicopter!
  • The two-story water table game creates a flowing river basin in addition to molded-in roads, bridges and loading docks
  • Great fun toys for multiple kids to learn to share, take turns and have patience!
  • Multiple stations and accessories allow kids to play together or alone and experience the water game their own way
  • Cleaning is easy with handy notches in the table legs to hold play balls and space in the pool for accessories to store
  • The water play stations feature two hoops, a water wheel and a wheel in the bottom of the pool EverTough ™, this outdoor children's water table has unmatched strength and durability, making it ideal for worry-free play with easy maintenance
  • Features a non-leaking drain plug to keep water in while playing and makes draining the water easy
  • Holds 12.7 L of water (not included)
  • Adult assembly required
  • In the box: Water table base and legs, 4 Ball Buddies toys, ball tongs, 2 corner towers, water wheel, bridge mount, wheel, 3 cups, 10 play balls
  • Warranty: 3 years

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