Take-off Medium Loops

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Take-off Medium Loops

Take-off Medium Loops

This TAKE-OFF Medium loops is designed to stimulate the child in the development of various skills. The range of development includes: colors, shapes, numbers, fantasy, movements, sensory development (hearing, seeing, feeling) etc.


  • Language skills: Get the child to tell you what movements he is doing, e.g. I am sliding a round bead up, down, to the left, etc....
  • Learning numbers: Form a group of 3 beads, a group of 5 beads, etc.... How many blue beads are grouped here, add up the different shapes, add up the different colours, etc... different colours, etc...
  • Eye-hand coordination: Move a bead to the other side as far as possible while using only your right or left hand. Move the next bead only with your right or left hand. Now work with your eyes closed.
  • Observation: Look at the Looping from different angles of the eye. You will notice You will notice that the looping looks completely different from a new position. Follow the threads with your eye without moving the beads.
  • Solve the problem: Shift one bead; Where is the bead? What colour is the bead? How do I get the bead to the other side with one or both hands?
  • Social skills: By letting children play with the Looping together, they will learn to learn to get along with each other.
  • Fantasy: Tell a story about the beads, imagine that the beads represent trains, cars... represent trains, cars. Then move them around. Mimic the sound of a train or car when moving the beads. when moving the beads. Children learn in a playful way.

With the Loopings, children can play in a creative and stimulating way to play.

Features :

  • Stimulates the development of various skills
  • Ideal for every living room, bedroom and/or playroom
  • This beaded frame is also extremely suitable for waiting rooms or nurseries / schools etc.
  • Suitable for children from 6 - 99 Years
  • Dimensions: 315 x 260 x 200

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