Talking Speech Therapy Mirror

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Talking Speech Therapy Mirror

Talking Speech Therapy Mirror

The mirror is a necessary and useful tool for a speech therapist, especially in the initial stages of correctional and developmental work.

Problems with which you can work: Mental retardation (MRI), mental retardation (MV), attention deficithyperactivity disorder (ADHD), minimal brain dysfunction (MMD),hearing impairment, speech disorders, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy (CP).

The specialist has the opportunity to let the student hear his speech during classes and indicates what and how to correct. Recording time -10 seconds. The next entry deletes the previous one. That is why the use of modern game technologies in correctional and developmental work makes the educational process more exciting, accessible, and productive for children with speech disorders, because the use of the latest special speech therapy equipment is not a whim, but a requirement of time. The device is made in the form of a round stand made of safe plastic. The device has a groove for installing a mirror. The centre of the device has a built-in microphone for voice recording and the speaker plays the recording.

This unit records an audio message for up to 10 seconds, followed by playback and the ability to observe its articulation in the mirror. It has only two buttons, (one for recording, the other for from) one regulator, one – the switch. The child listens carefully and repeats words or phrases, while looking at himself in the mirror, where he can observe his facial expressions and emotions. The mirror is especially aimed at children with speech defects. The equipment helps the child to hear himself, control his language and at the same time see what he is saying. This is very important because the child feels not distorted and understands where he is wrong

Material: Aluminum composite panels, plastic, metal, textile Velcro, PVC seal and edge protection, electronic component.


  • Size: mm: 250150300.
  • Weight: kg: net – 2.0; gross – 3.0.
  • Options: pcs: stand with recording and playback device – 1; additional mirror – 1; AA – 4 batteries.
  • Age: 3+.
  • Usage: Cabinet teacher, speech therapist, defectologist room, sensory integration therapy.

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