Triker Pro 50 Red - EXIT (

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Triker Pro 50 Red - EXIT (

Triker Pro 50 Red - EXIT (

D'eacute; go-cart sensation. D'eacute; unique tricycle.

Are you young, cool and not afraid of speed and sharp turns ... this along with a flashy design and cool colors? Well, here we are! The Triker family is the weapon in the battle, ready to conquer the streets. What a tricycle!

With its unique rubber steering mechanism, the Triker makes sure that it is the all-riding toy that exists right now! With your body you tilt the Triker, so that you can cut every bend sharply. You are super agile. A real sensation.

But hey, let's be honest, looking cool is not the only thing that counts. Safety, quality and design and our unique carving mechanism are the qualities that you will find in all our products from the Triker family. The Triker family is no exception.

So, now you know enough ... so what are you waiting for ???


  • Age: 6-12
  • Safety flag included
  • Unique tilting mechanism
  • Adjustable seat
  • Air tires in Formula 1 style
  • Fun factor: extreme

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Brand Exit
Age 6+
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