Baby Dragon Hand Puppet

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Baby Dragon Hand Puppet

Baby Dragon Hand Puppet

Baby Dragon Hand Puppet
What a great find! A plush Baby Dragon hand puppet that is not only fun to play with, but also educationally valuable. It's great to see how toys like this hand puppet can be used to teach children about history and palaeontology in an engaging and interactive way.

With this hand puppet, children would not only have fun playing and making up stories, but they would also learn about the past and the world of dinosaurs. Through role-play and puppetry, they would have the opportunity to empathise with the life of a Dragon and discover how these majestic creatures once inhabited the earth.

In addition, the hand puppet would be a great tool for educational lessons on dinosaurs and prehistoric times. Through interactive presentations and demonstrations with the hand puppet, children can learn about the Dragon's anatomy, lifestyle and habitat, while also exploring important concepts such as evolution and biodiversity.

Using such a realistic hand puppet can really spark children's imagination and encourage them to actively participate in the learning process. It is great to see how toys can be transformed into powerful educational tools that inspire children and help them learn and grow in a playful and engaging way.


  • Length: 28 cm
  • width: 20 cm
  • height: 22 cm
  • Playable: mouth and arms

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