Educational Toys

Educational toy

Playing is good for brain development and most parents prefer educational toys. Parents often want that these educational toys or creative toys  help their child in their development and school career.

 IQ scores have increased since the last century. People are not so much smarter but training is getting better. This starts yet with the baby. The today's creative toy helps develop your baby.



  • Buy good educational toy - preferably promoting game. This will challenge the child to use fantasy
  • Create a rich context. Provide therefore different materials, and look closely at what works. Give your child real challenges. Shall we build a house of empty boxes?
  • Encourage your child thinking. They can understand at their level what is going on in their brain. Do you have a child that constantly pursues questions: why? That child is a good example. Ask yourself also something more: why are you doing this so?
  • Give your child a feeling of security. Parents can contribute to a sense of security by accepting the child into the creative activities and thoughts, they take it seriously, stimulating and rewarding.
  • Let your child look different and let them see that there are many ways to look at reality, and you can see different things from different perspectives.
  • Give a creative example. Let your own creativity be seen. Have the guts to openly fail.


Per Sempre Toys has educational toys for babies and toddlers. Also consider the costumes!