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Indoor Toy

At Per Sempre Toys, we find all children to be special. Indoor Toy is there in the first place to play, but it also contributes to the development. Therefore, we do our best to have a range of (wooden) indoor toys online for all children. Preferably wooden ones, which always are of High Quality - with Outstanding service. We also work hard to build up the range for special children. Because whether your child has Down or is gifted, every child has the right to play and develop.


Good wooden indoor toys

You want suitable toys for your child and are looking for indoor toys online. But what and in which wooden toy store?

From the moment they start crawling babies choose most attractive toy. Is preference an innate quality? The stereotype toy for girl or boy is also what the majority of children choose. The effect seems even stronger for boys than girls.

Researchers followed 83 babies (9-36 months old) who could choose from seven toys. Some typical boyish (car, ball, blue teddy bear), others typical girlish (pop, kitchen, pink teddy bear). The choice and playing time was recorded. Girls were playing more with a doll, boys more with car and ball. 27-36 old months girls were playing 50 percent more with the doll, while only two boys touched the doll. Boys played 87 percent of the time with a car, which girls have not touched.


In our assortment of indoor toys you will find: educational and creative, kitchens, dollhouses, musical instruments, toys & playsets, walk development, Games & Puzzles and cars, boats and trains.


Reliable, beautiful and complete doll houses and kitchens can be found under other brand Kidkraft. And very nice play tents, such as Win green.

We would like to hear  your suggestions to complement our range of wooden toys in store.