Swings, Climbing frames and Trampolines

Buying a wooden swing, wooden climbing frame and trampoline

Varied movement encourages development

Everybody knows that children do not like to sit still.  Varied motor development helps a broad motor development. For playgrounds, wooden swings and wooden climbing frame are inseparable. 

Wooden swing and climbing frame are good for both small and big kids

You can buy at Per Sempre Toys a wooden climbing frame for every age. From simple to challenging wood swing and wooden climbing frames. Children can nowhere  let off steam so well as on a climbing frame. Especially on the nest swing, we get a lot of positive reactions. With a nest swing several children can swing simultaneously. You can also buy a nest swing that is suitable for public places. A nest swing is very popular because several children may fluctuate along with a nest swing!

Buy trampoline

By jumping on a trampoline  the children control more movement and they come out from behind the computer and TV. Per Sempre Toys has complete and safe trampolines of the Dutch brand Exit.

Buying a swing, jungle gym or a nest swing? Are you looking for a unique nest swing? Per Sempre Toys!