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Educational toys for a baby

Educational toys for a baby from 0 to 3 months

babies make a great development in the first 3 months. Take toys that develop such senses and reflexes  as hearing, seeing and feeling. Find toys that have music creating, contrasting or bright colors as well as have black and white and different shapes and structures. The baby collects information about the world around them with the five senses. Rattles, keyrings with contrasting colors that make interesting sounds and bite toys are recommended. Many people use our Mom and child playing jewelry as a gift. Or check out for an original baby gift with the night lights.

Educational toys for a baby from 4 to 10 months

 Grabbing objects, giving one hand to the other and playing with their feet and babies will try to touch a sound source. Toy is a baby gym, soft balls with sound, music toys and music washable baby books.

Educational toys for a baby from 9 to 12 months

It becomes livelier! Shaking, hitting, throwing and dropping. Where can my finger prick? They will form in the appropriate holes. Good toy is a bright ball, blocks that fit together, soft dolls, baby books and play phones.

Educational toys for a baby from 9 to 12 months

At this age they can still be a mess again! We get interested in emptying, transforming and arranging our environment. Turn around and you'll find the little one with the salt shaker or the food bowl of the dog. Emptying and filling are skills to learn how things relate to each other and improve eye-hand coordination. There have been babies who already make their first steps . Now, toys that you can use in the bath and pushchairs are suitable. 



Our DUSHI products we find particularly fun. 

Dushi is full of good ideas that make world beautiful, happier and friendly . DUSHI consider and develop unique concepts, products, services and initiatives. DUSHI always follow four pillars principle which witnesses to and express its own human values.

The four pillars of DUSHI are:

Love: what are we without love for yourself and for another?

Talent: follow and develop your talents, passion and creativity. So you will find the right direction

Wisdom: Learning is more than 1 + 1 = 2. Research is conscious. And getting involved is the right thing.

Joy: atay joyful in life and think positive. Then life is beautiful and easy

And those pillars will be found in the soft toys, night lights and stuffed necklace.

Wonderful stuffed toys. Funny dolphin Happy Flo, the talented Special Dunk, Wise Rabbit and Sweet Chick the chicken that everyone loves.  Together the stuffed animals share their experiences in a most charming illustrations / book to read "a sick crown" (written by Elle van Lieshout and Erik van Os, with prints by Mieke Driessen) The story is tender and makes happy. So enjoy together!

And a wonderful stuffed toy in the form of a nightlight. Chick frog with a night light between its legs. Or Sweet Chick with a night light on its back.

A plush chain can be found in the following topics: plush chain Nostalgia, plush necklace India, plush necklace blue and pink plush necklace I love you.