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Toy kitchen /Toy kitchenette

A wooden kitchen toy for children

A wooden toy kitchen (kitchen toys) combines a color dollop with two tablespoons kitchen items. Now we develop creativity . And voila! There are cheerful, smart children who easily cope with social interaction.  And oh yes, they also had hours of pleasure.


Are you looking for a wooden toy kitchen or wooden toy kitchenettes (kitchen toys)

You may browse for a beautiful, comprehensive, collection of wooden toy kitchens. Brands like Kidkraft, New Classic Toys, Miele, Bosch and Smoby. We have even popular Kidkraft Vintage, Prairie and Espresso kitchens in stock. Often, complete with tables and chairs. Check how the doors open, handles turn and mixers rotate There is even a telephone to disturb you and you can pretend you have a nice conversation in your wooden toy kitchen. Oh no, now the imaginary souffle is burnt! That's okay, luckily the rubbish is also imaginary. But then quickly make something else. Hmm, what's in the toy fridge of the wooden toy kitchen?


You can expand the culinary kingdom with kitchen accessories such as baskets, blenders, tea service sets and toasters. The construction is good, safe and durable. The wooden toy kitchens and accessories are often colorful and washable but Per Sempre Toys also has dollhouses in natural soothing colors.

Also, for a wooden toy kitchen you need to come to Per Sempre Toys! So, kitchen toys? Per Sempre Toys!


Counter Height Kidkraft kitchens:


Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen

59.1 cm (23.27 in) 


Prairie Kitchen

50.1 cm (19.72 in)


Red Vintage Kitchen

47.6 cm (18.74 in)


Pink Vintage Kitchen

47.6 cm (18.74 in)


Large Pastel Kitchen

59.1 cm (23.27 in)


Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

53 cm (20.86 in)


Home Cooking Kitchen

56.5 cm (22.24 in)


White Vintage Kitchen

47.6 cm (18.74 in)


Modern Country Kitchen

50.8 cm (20 in)


White Retro Stove

51 cm (20.08 in)


Blue Retro Stove

51 cm (20.08 in)


Uptown Espresso Kitchen

57 cm (22.44 in)


Uptown White

57 cm (22.44 in)


Gracie Toddler Kitchen

43.5 (17.13 in)


Bright Toddler Kitchen

47 cm (18.50 in)