Cloud B Twilight Turtle Classic

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Cloud B Twilight Turtle Classic

Cloud B Twilight Turtle Classic


Yes, he looks a bit slow, this Twilight Turtle, but he works double time. Is your child sleeping badly? Tranquil Turtle helps! Tranquil Turtle works so well that he is even used in hospitals to reassure autistic children. This brilliant turtle projects harmonious underwater effects with a gentle wave motion, which it can combine with a soothing melody or the calm rhythm of ocean waves. Tranquil Turtle from Cloud b helps to create a calm and familiar sleep environment. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Cloud b says: "Your child deserves only the best and we are proud that we not only make quality products but also contribute to a healthy sleep. Sleep problems can lead to health risks and bring unrest to the family. Paediatric research has confirmed that familiar, soothing sounds calm the mind and help children sleep more peacefully and deeply. Cloud b attributes much of its success to the recommendations of the Cloud b advisory board, which includes paediatricians, parents, teachers and sleep specialists. The Cloud b products are more than just cute and cuddly. Each of the products is uniquely designed to provide a sensory experience that creates its own comfort zone for your child". Magical underwater light effect. Projects underwater effects with a gentle wave motion Shield glows in a relaxing navy blue colour Plays 2 soothing melodies Light timer and control Timer of 23 minutes provides complete blackout during child's deep sleep as recommended by pediatricians Choice of 2 melodies with 6 adjustable sound levels Adjustable brightness and motion settings provide a fully controllable experience for different environments Includes 3 AA batteries Package size: 10cm x 19cm x 27cm Not suitable for children under 36 months

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