Coral Adventure

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Coral Adventure

Coral Adventure

The 6 paths... can be distributed on the floor, stacked and connected using connectors. The paths have two different sides, one lined, the other with bubbles. The coral-shaped connector pieces can be used individually or as connectors. The connectors make it possible to lay different paths, regardless of whether they are straights, curves or intersections. The connectors are designed so that children can easily pull them out of the path. Due to the different colors of the connectors, the teachers / supervisors can determine routes and set rules such as: B. cross the green connectors without touching them. The children run over the paths, which can be placed at different heights, and have to prove their balance and coordination. The children feel the different patterns / notches of the paths on the soles of their feet. Likewise, the creativity of the children is encouraged by being able to think of new paths over and over again. The children can let their imaginations run wild in collaboration with other children and try out a variety of different options. Contents: 6x path (3x dark blue, 3x light blue), 18x connector (9x green, 9x red). Loadable up to 60 kg.

The design of Weplay Coral Adventure is inspired... by Chinese oriental martial arts. Children can even stand balanced on one foot on the Columns like those studying martial arts. By inserting or pulling out the Coral Columns from the paths, children are able to enhance their hand-eye coordination. Weplay Coral Adventure combines gross motor activities (walking on a balance beam) and fine motor activities (pulling or inserting Coral Column into the Weplay Coral Adventure Path) for multiple activities. The Weplay Coral Adventure Path with bubbles, holes, and rippled designed are double-sided offering different stimulations. Attachable Coral Columns can be used as a connector for creating different walking routes with various heights. Coral Columns can be placed in any of the holes on the Paths as barriers for more balancing challenges. Coral Columns are strong enough for children to balance on a single foot like one studying martial arts. Superior design allows multiple routes, straight line, curve line, cross line. Adorable fish, shell, bubble, and wave patterns create a perfect ocean scenario for dramatic play. Max. load: 60 kg. Content: Path x 6 pcs (3 pcs/color: Blue, Light Blue), Coral Column x 18 pcs (9 pcs/color: Red, Green).


  • Material: PE, TPR
  • Measurements: Path: 75 x 23 x 5.5 cm, Coral Column: 10.3 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Age restriction: 1.5 years & up

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