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Arches is great fun training material for coordination and balance exercises

Multifunctional Arches are designed to let children be creative, and to let them discover new combinations, possibilities and exercises, the possibilities are endless. An Arch can be placed with the curved side up - forming a bridge - or down, and can be turned into a seesaw. Different Arches can be placed one after the other to form a longer path, or placed on top of each other to amuse the more adventurous children. The Arches will inspire children to find new ways to challenge themselves.

The Arches consist of a plastic core with a soft edge made of synthetic rubber that also forms the anti-slip layer.


  • Size: L59 x B21,5 x H10,5 cm
  • Colors: blue, orange, green
  • Material: Material: plastic with synthetic rubber edges, and top of the bow has anti-slip
  • Age: from 2 years
  • Maximum (user) weight: 75 kg
  • Set: of 3

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