Build 'N Balance Course 13-Part

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Build 'N Balance Course 13-Part

Build 'N Balance course 13-part

An exciting and challenging career to endlessly vary and balance

The different elements can be combined in countless ways, so use your imagination to build the best courses and landscapes. With the great flexibility of Build 'N Balance, the level of difficulty can be adjusted to the age and development level of the child.


The 13-part course consists of:

  • 3 x top 10 (height 10 cm, diameter: 27 cm, yellow)
  • 3 x top 24 (height: 24 cm, diameter: 40 cm, red)
  • 3 x board (length: 72 cm , width: 13 cm, height: 3 cm, blue)
  • 2 x trunk trunk (length: 73 cm, width: 13 cm, height: 6 cm, green)
  • 1 x seesaw (length: 72 cm, width: 13 cm, height : 10 cm, green)
  • 1 x balancing disc (diameter: 22 cm, height: 14 cm, green)
  • Maximum (user) weight: 100 kg

The red top has 3 different heights where the shelves can be placed 10, 17 and 24 cm.

This set can be expanded even further with, for example, extra tops, shelves or a plateau.

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