Gonge Giant Air Board

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Gonge Giant Air Board

Gonge Giant Air Board

The Gonge Giant Air Board is a balance board with a hard surface on a soft inflatable base

The Air Board is ideal for exercising motor control and strengthening the muscles in the ankles, legs and upper body. The hard surface provides a secure grip for the feet, while the inflatable base ensures smooth and gentle movements.

This large variant of the Air Board also encourages activities where the child sits down or lies on the board. When the child stands on the Giant Air Board, the larger diameter (58 cm) makes turning and rocking the board easier. If you place the balance board with the colored side down then you create another type of balance trainer, on which other exercises can be done.

The Air Board can be adjusted to the functional level of the user by pumping the base harder or softer and thus varying the difficulty; increasing the pressure speeds up movements and makes the balancing board more challenging. The Air Board can be used both with the flat side up and the convex side up. Suitable for playing, training and rehabilitation.

The Gonge Air Board has been developed according to a new, patented production method.


  • Diameter 58 cm
  • Height 17 cm
  • Colors blue (and gray bottom)
  • Material high-quality plastic (anti-slip)
  • Age from 3 years
  • Maximum (user) weight 100 kg

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