Jelly 3D Shapes

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Jelly 3D Shapes

Jelly 3D Shapes

Set of 4 bright squidgy Geometric folding shapes, full of colorful liquid and glitter pieces giving that tactile squishy smoothness.

Each shape arrives in a 2D form allowing the child to fold into its 3D shape, perfect for learning surface area and volume and understanding shape forms.

Use these sensory squishy shapes to create 3-d forms and bring geometric concepts to life.

4 multi-colored shapes. Perfect for small hands to squeeze, build, and hold. Use for fun activities that make learning shapes an exciting visual and hands-on experience. Each squeezable shape is filled with a colorful gel that engages kids sensesperfect for fidgeting and building fine motor skills. An excellent tool for teachers to incorporate into visual learning activities.

Durable and easy to clean.

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Age 3+
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