Jelly Fish Tank Round – Black

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Jelly Fish Tank Round – Black

The tank is filled with water and contains realistic looking colourful artificial jellyfish that float and move inside the tank. The gentle movement of these objects can be visually captivating and relaxing.

To add to the visual appeal, the fish tank has LED lighting that illuminates the water and floating objects. The changing colours and soft glow can create a soothing and mesmerising atmosphere.

Suitable for use on desks, bedside tables or other spaces where relaxation and stress relief is desired.

Sensory benefits: Watching the fluid movements of objects within the tank can provide a calming effect and help promote relaxation and concentration. These tanks are often used in sensory rooms, classrooms, offices and homes for therapeutic purposes.

This "Round Jellied Fish Tank - Black Sensory" is especially popular with people with sensory processing differences, autism or anyone who enjoys visual and tactile stimulation.

Includes 3 neon coloured jellyfish.

» Mood light with fluorescent jellyfish

» Amazing lifelike swimming motion

» 18 LED lights with 5 light effects

» Phase through colours or set to one

» Create a soothing atmosphere anywhere

» Auto-off function after 4 hours

» Powered by mains plug

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Brand BlinQ
Age 3+
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