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Develop by touch! Here are five unique sensory shapes that are sensitive to baby's needs. These sensory shapes act on each of baby's senses, helping to develop each sense. Strong colours attract attention, the size allows the toy to be grasped in different ways and its weight compared, the texture is felt with the fingers. Every interaction here is designed to enhance the child's experience and allow them to do things differently. Each toy is a little different, and finding similarities and differences is also important training (and fun). The shapes are tailored to the child's age and motor skills.

  • Provide tactile sensations through the use of different material textures, which improves precise hand and finger movements
  • Promote sensory receptors
  • Massaging the ball relaxes muscle tension
  • Promoting eyesight
  • Independent on crawling, a toddler can roll the balls
  • .
  • It is also useful during teething as the textures of the shapes massage the gums.
  • It is also a good idea to play with the balls when the teeth are coming through.
  • It is ideal to play during the bath.
  • It is also useful during teething.
  • It is also ideal to play during the bath

The product is recommended by physiotherapists for massage of infants to relax the muscle tension.

Systematic massage helps to relax the muscles.

Systematic massage helps to regulate sleep and soothes the baby. Massage your baby's feet to prevent flat feet! You can even take them for a bath. Every minute with these sensory shapes is development and fun! Don't forget to remove the water from the toys when you have finished playing. They are very safe - they only contain what is good for children.

Age group: 0+ Your child rolls them, grabs them, looks, compares, bites - and develops every day. It's beautiful to watch.

Additional Information: SENSORIAL FORMS Set(5 pieces)

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