Large Plasma Ball

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Large Plasma Ball

Large Plasma Ball

Like something from Doctor Frankenstein’s lab, this lighting effect puts the power of lightning at your fingertips. Move your fingers along the outside of the glass ball and watch as the lightning streaks react to your touch and move inside the glass ball. As fun as the plasma ball is to play with, it is also makes a great visual effect in your home, office or sinister lab. Completely insulated so you don’t feel a thing.

This giant plasma lamp creates the effect of a lightning bolt at your fingertips. As if that wasn't enough, the plasma lamp has an automatic mode that works in sync with ambient sounds and music creating a unique sensory experience.


    • An electrifying interactive light show at your very finger tips
    • Sphere generates streaks of lightning that react to your touch
    • Direct the lightning by passing your hands over the glass
    • Mains adapter included


    • Size: 20 cm.
    • Power Source: Mains
    • Usage: Visual effects
    • Material:Plastic/Glass
    • Weight: Approx: 1.2 kg.

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Brand BlinQ
Age 3+
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