Montessori Wooden Playhouse with slide


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Montessori Wooden Playhouse with slide

Invent, build and create! It's an indoor wooden toy set that develops a child's spatial thinking. It is the cornerstone of architectural skills, how to put everything together in a way that stays together, looks good and can be used practically. The playhouse is a play set that allows the child to create at least five combos. It lets the child's imagination run wild and offers countless play options. Your children will not get bored with this play set, as every day gives them the opportunity to invent something new.

The set includes a Montessori wooden playhouse with ladder and slide. The owner of the little house can build a summer house without a roof, place a slide in different positions, multiplying the entrance and exit, add stairs, place a roof and create his own little kingdom. This product is particularly suitable for schools and childcare institutions.


Wall and decking/roof board W 75 cm / 29.53'' and L 20 cm / 7.87''

Balance board: length: 106.5 cm / 41.93 inches

Recommended age: from 3 years.

Material: Baltic birch plywood, FSC and CE certified.

Treatment: water-based (childproof) varnish.

Weight limit: 50 kg/110 lb.

Certification The playset has been tested and certified by SGS Institute in Germany under the Toys Directive2009/48/EC.

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