Mooffz Soft Play foam blocks set 6-piece

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Mooffz Soft Play foam blocks set 6-piece

A challenging set of foam blocks ideal for childcare, childminders, therapists or just at home. The foam elements are made of sturdy high-quality foam covered with strong artificial leather and the top has an anti-slip profile. The foam blocks are very easy to clean and maintain. Only the elements of the Mooffz Soft Play blocks can be attached to each other with Velcro so that the blocks do not slide away!

Climbing and scrambling is necessary during a child's development. The foam blocks or foam playing blocks promote movement, coordination, balance, grip and spatial awareness. Moving, climbing, lifting and transporting, small children like to have fun with these large blocks. Moving blocks stimulates motor skills and physical awareness.

By combining various foam play blocks and foam building blocks, various structures can be made and games can be played.

  • Half cylinder, L 50 x W 50 x H 2.5 cm
  • Ramp, L 50 x W 50 x H 25 cm (highest point), x H 5 cm (lowest point)
  • Staircase L 50 x W 50 x H 25 cm (highest step) x H 12.5 cm (lowest step)
  • 2x Block low L 50 x W 50 XH 25 cm
  • Block high L 50 x W 50 XH 50 cm
  • Brand: Mooffz
  • Set: from 6
  • Additional Information: Mooffz Soft Play foam blocks set 6-piece

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