Rocking Volcano Misty Blue

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Rocking Volcano Misty Blue

Rocking Volcano Misty Blue

Stay seated and at the same time pursue the urge to move sitting still can be very boring for children. The result: some of them slide back and forth in their chair, they can no longer concentrate. Others get bored and sink into daydreams. And some children can get aggressive. In order to avoid volcanic eruptions in the group and to meet the needs of the children, even if everyone should remain seated, Rocking Volcano was developed. The raised structure on the seat resembles a fire-breathing volcano. The comfortable, concave seat ensures the correct sitting position. The curved floor allows movements in all directions - so children can bounce, turn and wobble sufficiently while maintaining the upright sitting posture. This activity improves the concentration of the children, at the same time their muscle strength, Trained balance and posture. And the highlight: Rocking Volcano can also be turned upside down. With the flat side facing down, the stool is stable and the curved seat enables dynamic sitting - this avoids tension caused by long periods of sitting. Rocking Volcano is also suitable for adults because it can be loaded up to 80 kg.

  • Material: PP, PE
  • Measurements: Ø 26.2 / 37.5 cm x 30 cm high
  • Age restriction: 3 years

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SKU KE0011-00B
Brand PST
Age 3+
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