Sensory Bags with Window

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Sensory Bags with Window

Sensory Bags with Window (Set of 6)

Ever wondered what are sensory toys used for? Sensory toys are the ones manufactured and styled in such a way that could trigger a single sense or multiple senses within the children. These include the sense of touch, taste, smell, as well as visual and auditory senses. Sensory toys are made in a specialised manner with some amazing features. Sensory toys make use of attractive colours so that they could catch children’s attention in a better way and a range of senses could be stimulated during play therapy. These kinds of therapies are important in the cognitive development of a child as well as to trigger their social behaviours, language development, emotional development and become more artistic. Play is often important for children to think out of the box. Children who have special needs or are having Autism, these sensory toys work the best for them. Sensory Bags with windows are manufactured by Sensory Toy Warehouse and serve as a great sensory toy for children.

Sensory bags are a unique creation of the Sensory Toy Warehouse. It comes with a total package of six bags, each with a window along with it. You can easily see the filling of the bags through this window. Also, each of the six bags has a different material inserted. These include rice, beans, chickpea, mustard seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed. The colours of the bag are miscellaneous, a single colour is not attributed to the bags.

This product mainly aims to provide children with a different sense of touch, due to the inclusion of a variety of materials. This stimulates tactile development among the children. Sensory toys are usually a part of play therapy. Using these sensory bags, the children are supposed to turn the opposite side of the bag, which has no windows. They then have to make use of their tactile sense and feel the bag. This will make them try to figure out which filling is inside. After guessing, you can see through the window which content lies inside the bag. It is mainly used for the development of a child and aid diseases such as Autism and children with other special needs as well. Autism is a disorder where the child finds difficulty is speaking, development of interpersonal skills, non-verbal aspects of communication and so on.

The toys presented by Sensory Toy Warehouse stimulates the visual sense of the child and helps in tactile development of the child. These toys could be good sources of reinforcements in therapies and Applied Behavioural Analysis programs. The children suffering from special needs or ADHD are often provided with fidget toys, to enhance their concentration. Sensory toys are meant to involve children body movements and intellectual levels. aims to provide sensory toys for the ones facing Autism disorder and are having special needs. Also, they sell disability aids at affordable prices. All these toys are manufactured to be used during therapies, to be provided to schools and clinics, and parents for cognitive development of their children.

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