Sensory Path 11 PCS.

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Sensory Path 11 PCS.

The sensory pad is designed for multiple purposes, such as balance exercises,coordination skills, correction of postural deviations and foot massage.

The use of special conical shapes and protrusions points to stimulating sensory receptors and improving blood circulation. Standing on the conical spines activates the muscles in the feet and ankles, which can help improve balance and act as massage aids for the feet. This can promote blood flow and potentially provide relief for tired feet.

The special texture of the pad stimulates sensory receptors in the feet. This is useful in sensory integration activities, especially for children with sensory processing problems.

Using the sensory pad makes group activities more attractive, especially for children. It is a fun and challenging addition to exercises or games that focus on cooperation and motor skills.

It is great fun for the whole family.

The ability to freely arrange the elements develops children's creativity.

Contains 11 items including:

  • 2 sensory hemispheres
  • 2 sensory hemispheres diamond
  • 5 sensory discs
  • 2 sensory half-rolls

Tullo products are safe:

  • Are made entirely in Poland from the highest quality certified raw materials
  • Do not contain phthalates, BPA or heavy metals


  • Hemispheres - 16cm
  • Discs - 17cm
  • Half-cylinders - 30x12 cm

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