Sensory Shapes 5 Pcs.

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Sensory Shapes 5 Pcs.

Sensory Shapes 5 Pcs.

Expanding by touching!

Here are five unique sensory shapes that are sensitive to baby's needs.

Tullo® sensory shapes work on every baby's senses and help each one to develop. Strong colors engage the eye, the size allows you to grasp the toys in different ways and compare their weight, the texture can be felt with your fingers. Each interaction here is designed to enhance the child's experience and allow him / her to act differently.

Each toy is slightly different, and looking for similarities and differences is also important training (and fun). The shapes are adapted to the age and motor skills of the child.

How Tullo® Sensory Shapes Develop Your Baby:
  • provide tactile sensations through the use of various material structures, which facilitates precise movements of the hands and fingers
  • stimulate sensory receptors
  • massage with the ball relaxes the muscle tension
  • stimulate the sense of sightthey are irreplaceable in the crawling period, the toddler can roll balls
  • they also work well during teething, because the texture of the shapes massages the gums
  • perfect for having fun while bathing

The product is recommended by physiotherapists for infant massage in order to release muscle tension. Regular massaging of the baby helps to regulate sleep and calms the baby down. Massage your baby's feet to prevent flat feet!

You can even take them to the bathtub. Every minute with Tullo's sensory shapes is development and fun!

Remember to remove the water from the inside of the toys after play.

They are very safe - they only contain what is good for children.

  • Age Group: 0+
  • Size: 5.5cm; 6.5cm; 7cm; 7.5 cm; 6cm

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