Sweet Chick Pink plush / night lamp

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Sweet Chick Pink plush / night lamp

Sweet Chick pink & nbsp; soft toy / night light

Dear Sweet Chick the chicken as a night light everywhere. In the basket on his back there is a light with a photocell in it. The light has a plug that needs to be charged in the socket and once again gives light back to the basket when it gets dark. This way you can sleep peacefully and reliably when your favorite friend is shining in the darkness. Portable and therefore also fun to play in a self-built tent, to take with you on holiday or to a spare party with grandparents.

About Dushi

In the 20th century, parents, teachers, and society were the educators who constantly put the child into the role of 'learner'. placed. The 21st century is the era in which parents, teachers and society will learn from children. Because children have unique qualities such as: purity, innocence, natural appearance, wisdom and intuition. They know better than anyone to use these innate qualities as a source of inspiration and an inspired life. "

Ervin Laszlo - You can change the world

Hello, I'm DUSHI!

DUSHI is full of good ideas & nbsp; making the world & nbsp; nicer , & nbsp; happier & nbsp; and & nbsp; more friendly & nbsp; DUSHI conceives and develops unique concepts, products, services and initiatives. DUSHI always conducts & nbsp; 4 pillars & nbsp; which testify and give expression to its own human values.

The 4 pillars of DUSHI are;

  • Love: & nbsp; what are we without love for yourself and for another
  • Talent: & nbsp; follow and develop your talent, passion and creativity. That way you will find the right direction
  • Wisdom: & nbsp; learning is more than 1 + 1 = 2. Research, becomes conscious. And do the right thing with it
  • Joy: & nbsp; stand joyfully in life and think positive. Then life is more beautiful and easier

    And those pillars can be found in the hugs. The happy dolphin Happy Flo, the talented Special Dunk, the wise frog Wise Rabbit and Sweet Chick the chicken that everyone loves. & Nbsp; Together, the cuddly toys tell their experiences in an adorable print / preschool book & ldquo; a sick crown & rdquo; (written by Elle van Lieshout and Erik van Os, with prints by Mieke Driessen) The story is endearing and makes you happy. So enjoy together!

    The concepts, products, services and initiatives of DUSHI provide fun, challenge and stimulus. With all its activities, DUSHI & nbsp; finds the child in every & nbsp; and initiates awareness, fun and balance. The child is pure, free from influences and always himself. So who regularly experiences the world as a playing child does, helps build a more beautiful world. In addition, our children are literally our future.

    The word & nbsp; dushi & nbsp; is Antilian and means & lsquo; darling & rsquo ;. But DUSHI is more than cute. & Nbsp; Everything and everyone can be DUSHI ; a person, a group of people, a story, an event, a lesson or a book. Experience something positive: & nbsp; Call it DUSHI!

    With its activities, DUSHI focuses on the principles of & nbsp; corporate social entrepreneurship . This means that DUSHI, in addition to the pursuit of profit (profit), also takes into account the effect of its activities on the environment (planet) and that DUSHI also has an eye for all human aspects inside and outside the company (people). DUSHI is about finding the optimal balance between these three: & nbsp; profit , & nbsp; planet , & nbsp; people .

    Partners with whom DUSHI cooperates actively support these principles and ideas. This applies both to the factories where the products are made, to the distributors who sell our services and products, and to projects and organizations to which DUSHI contributes in any way.

    DUSHI challenges you. Join! Have a DUSHI day!

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