Therapy Putty (Set of 3) Hand training

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Therapy Putty (Set of 3) Hand training

The set includes three different types of therapy putty, each with a different resistance level: extra soft, medium and firm, indicated by the colours tan, red and blue. This allows users to choose the resistance level that suits them best. The putty can be used for sensitivity therapy, both in classrooms and at home. It can help children focus and fidget while learning, making it useful for those with attention problems. In addition, the putty can serve as a stress reliever, making it suitable for use in the office or on the go. An important aspect is that the putty contains no toxic ingredients, meaning it is safe to work with for both children and adults. This is reassuring for parents and carers concerned about their children's safety. The set contains three putty items, each weighing 57 grams. to easily carry around or use in different locations. All in all, this seems to be a useful set to help with stress relief, concentration and feeling therapy, both for children and adults. Importantly, the product contains no toxic ingredients, ensuring safety. Non-toxic Non-greasy

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Brand Playlearn
Age 3+
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