Translucent Hollow Pattern Blocks - set of 180 pc.

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Translucent Hollow Pattern Blocks - set of 180 pc.

These translucent hollow pattern blocks lare an educational tool aimed at developing mathematical skills, colour recognition and motor skills in young children. The variety of shapes and colours makes them versatile and suitable for different learning activities.

The set of plastic pattern blocks contains 6 shapes and 6 colours, for use in pattern and sequence activities, counting and sorting or colour and shape recognition. Yellow hexagons, green triangles, blue squares, orange squares, red quadrangles and transparent squares. Comes in a handy storage box.

This product is ideally suited to play in combination with a light table or light panel.


Suitable for pattern and sequence activities.
Useful for counting and sorting.
Supports colour and shape recognition
Supports learning areas:

Mathematics - shape & space
Maths - pattern
Understanding the world - colour
Physical development - motor skills

Dimensions of the blocks range from approximately 20-50 mm.
The set contains 180 blocks
Suitable for children from 3 years.

Additional Information: Translucent Hollow Pattern Blocks - set of 180 pc.

Brand SEM
Age 3+
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