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Villa Pardoes

About Villa Pardoes

Per Sempre Toys “the wooden toy shop” supports Villa Pardoes, Will you support them too??!

Villa Pardoes is an initiative of Nature Park Foundation Efteling. Villa Pardoes is housed in an independent foundation and has the CBF for charities. The idea for Villa Pardoes is based on the successful concept of the organization "Give Kids The World" that in the United States offering a holiday to seriously ill children. In October 2000 Villa Pardoes, an independent charity organization, opened. Meanwhile gained years of experience in both the guest service and in fundraising. The organization of Villa Pardoes is headed by a general manager/director. Surmounted by a Board of Trustees. This controls the affairs of Villa Pardoes, gives advice and makes recommendations where needed.

The Villa!

Villa Pardoes provides children with a serious, potentially life-threatening illness in the aged 4/12 years with a free holiday week. The children come from the Netherlands and Flanders. Parents, grandparents, siblings (up to 6 people) will naturally come along, otherwise it's not a vacation. Villa Pardoes focuses on relaxation, having fun and enjoyment for the whole family.

No doctoring, no hospital visit; just have fun in amusement parks, swimming pools, museums, cinemas and zoos. Everyone opens its doors for our guests.


Taking a break


Villa Pardoes is a happy, fairylike setting. That is the nature of the building, but also the atmosphere that this holiday week contents. The ambience is ideally suited to children. And, because there are eight families, while staying at the Villa you’ll be able to creates nice contacts with other families. Privacy can be found in the individually themed cottages.



Villa Pardoes
PO Box 133
5170 AC Kaatsheuvel
Tel: 0416-387222
Fax: 0416-387220

Friends of Villa Pardoes

Villa Pardoes is a particular object which needs all attention, energy and support. It is great that a growing group of Dutch celebrities gave there name and commitment to Villa Pardoes. The Friends Club consists at present of the following people:


Nol Havens (click the link for information on Nol Havens and Villa Pardoes)

Quickly  the idea was to select twelve songs of ‘VOF De Kunst’ and to deliver a special ‘Villa Pardoes CD’. "It's actually a kind of collection. The songs that are on it, are also found on previous CDs of our theater, but this is a special CD. Including the proceeds will fully benefit to the charity." You can bay the CD for € 9.00 at a stores who sells the regular CD's ‘VOF De Kunst’. And the cooperation that emerged quickly led to more. Thus ‘VOF De Kunst’ during a Back to the 80's party in favor of Villa Pardoes and particular for this occasion especially to support the charity live for the first time in a long time the international hits "Suzanne" and "Één kopje koffie' were performed. An performance which was a guarantee for a sold out crowd.


Rene van de Kerkhof:
(click on the link for information about Rene van de Kerkhof and Villa Pardoes)

I came through the Dutch branch of the Ben & Jerry's Ice Supplier for the first time in contact with Villa Pardoes. I was so impressed that I immediately decided to devote myself to the reputation of Villa Pardoes and as businesses, service clubs and private donors to draw the line to support this initiative. Villa Pardoes namely actually helps children with life-threatening illness. They are received by enthusiastic people who really give a week of their lives to these children and their families."


Mariska Van Kolck:
(click on the link for information about Mariska van Kolck and Villa Pardoes)

"My kids are healthy. So I can hardly imagine what it means when your child is ill. What consequences it has for the child, parents, brothers and sisters. And the fact that it is precisely also the siblings of the sick child who also need and get attention at Villa Pardoes, I appreciate it. "


Rafael van der Vaart:
(click the link for a photo of Rafael)

Each of them contributes in their own way to the pleasure of our guests. But the very fact that they connect their name to Villa Pardoes does much good and gives us a lot of important publicity and awareness.