Wooden Playhouse Sarah - Axi (A030.038.00)

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Wooden Playhouse Sarah - Axi (A030.038.00)

Wooden Playhouse Sarah - Axi (A030.038.00)

This playhouse is made of cedar wood that is low maintenance and has natural defenses against fungi, vermin, and wood rot. This makes the AXI playhouses sturdy and robust, so that they can play against a play. Windows are provided with transparent plastic. This material is safe because it does not break and splinter quickly.

Wooden play house Sarah has everything you could wish for! A staircase to climb into the house and then down the long slide down. And then you are not finished yet, because there is also a sandbox under the playhouse where you can bake sand tarts together.

Warranty: 5 years on the wood (100% FSC Asiatic cedar wood named Cunninghemia lanceolata)

Wood thickness cedar wood walls: 15mm

Wood thickness frame work: 38mm

Playhouse is treated with water-based stain to increase the durability

Construction time: 45 min

Dimensions: 172 x 373 x 290 cm (LxWxH)

Item number: A030.038.00

Additional Information: Wooden Playhouse Sarah - Axi (A030.038.00)

SKU A030.038.00
Brand Axi
Age 3+
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