Wooden sensory building blocks -Set of 16 - Montessori Toys

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Wooden sensory building blocks -Set of 16 - Montessori Toys

Designed to stimulate sensory perception, this block set provides an engaging educational experience for children of all ages. The set consists of 16 large rubberwood blocks with various sensory elements, divided into four different shapes: square, rectangle, triangle and semi-circle.


Blocks contents:

Transparent acrylic
Coloured sand
Water/glitter filled boxes
Uniform Colour and Shape Convention:

Regardless of the content of the block, all triangles follow the same convention of colour and shape (e.g., always green). This promotes broad observation skills.

Smooth rubberwood exterior for a natural look.
Educational Capabilities:

Sensory Stimulation:

Different textures and materials in the blocks offer sensory stimulation.
Observation and Classification:

Children can learn to observe and classify based on colour and shape.
Educational Play:

Encourages creative and educational play, where children learn as they build.
This block set is a fascinating item with numerous educational possibilities. It combines the natural look of smooth rubberwood with vibrant sensory elements, making it ideal for use in a variety of educational settings.

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