Block game N8 Logical Rows

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Block game N8 Logical Rows

Block game N8 Logical Rows - Nikitin (A3008)

Playfully, form, color distinction, perception, concentration and character recognition are practiced. The 24 multi-colored blocks must be reconstructed according to simple to complex examples. Step by step the difficulty level is increased.

Children should be challenged - especially with perception, concentration and creativity. With these 16 wooden blocks with different colored surfaces, color and shape recognition, but learning to combine with each other, is developed in a playful manner. In this way the easy example forms are first made and color rows are completed. At the end complete examples are given that can be reconstructed with the colored building blocks.

Blank examples invite you to become creative yourself and create your own rows and examples.

The Nikitin games are used in Montessori schools, among other things

Consists of:

24 wooden with colors and shapes printed blocks
1 booklet with examples (48 pages)

Wood, printed on the outside

Wooden blocks approx. 3 x 3 x 3 cm


& nbsp; CE mark, conforming to European Norm EN7

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