Blokkenspel Nikitin N9 Creative

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Blokkenspel Nikitin N9 Creative

Blocks Nikitin N9 Creativo

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& nbsp; The communicative Nikitin game. Concepts are depicted on 160 maps, which have to be reproduced with wooden stones, depicted with pantomime, drawn or described. A player suggests the concept and the others try to guess it. Fantasy, expression, creativity, emotional skills and flexible thinking are developed during play.

Every time a concept is shown on 160 cards. How the children who are going to play will be decided by the pivot arrow. When the player turns red, he draws a red card. The pictured concept must now be displayed with the wooden stones. The other children recommend which term is meant.

When the child draws a yellow card, he must describe the concept with his / her own words. But beware: the word may of course not be used in the description! A blue card must be drawn and pantomime must be used with a green card.

Blank examples invite you to become creative yourself and create your own rows and examples.

The Nikitin games are used in Montessori schools, among other things

    Consists of:

    160 cards with terms (40 cards per color / category)

    Keep 60 blocks out

    1 hourglass

    1 pivot arrow on a color wheel


    & nbsp; CE mark, conforming to European Norm EN7

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